Pharma Exhibition 2010

T. John College of Pharmacy organized Pharma exhibition 2010 on 12th January. The exhibition was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp by the Honorable Chief guest Dr. S. Ramananda Shetty, Vice chancellor of RGUHS, Karnataka along with other dignitaries, Dr. Thomas P. John, Chairman, T. John Group of Institutions, Retd. Wg. Cdr.P Sambasivan Campus Director, T. John Group of institutions and Prof. Sham Sunder, H.O.D Anatomy Dept., J.S.S. Medical College Mysore.

Students & teachers from numerous colleges including PU Colleges from all over Bangalore visited the exhibition. The Pharma Exhibition included the activities in different departments of pharmacy like Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis. The teachers and students actively participated in the pharma Exhibition, making it a memorable one.

A comprehensive health evaluation including various tests such as Blood Group, Rh factor, Hemoglobin content, RBC count, Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index of the visitors was carried out by the Pharmacology department. Screening of drugs in animals for their therapeutic effect was also explained. Plastinated models of human organs were exhibited by Prof. Sham Sunder and his team.

In the pharmacognosy department Visitors learned about the importance of herbs used in daily life in the treatment of diseases. They also learnt regarding the extraction, isolation, identification and testing of new herbal drugs along with their formulations. Visitors also had the chance enjoy a cup of herbal tea for good health.

In the Pharmaceutics department visitors learnt about the various manufacturing processes involved in the production of tablets, capsules, liquid orals and injectables etc, along with the working models of industrial equipments. Preparation of various Pharmaceuticals like Cold Cream, Vanishing Cream, Emulsions, Lipsticks, Suppository etc., was also shown. A 3D model of a Pharmaceutical Industry was exhibited.

In the pharmaceutical chemistry department, visitors were exposed to the importance of stereochemistry in drug action, computer generated 3D models were also shown at the exhibition. There were many entertaining chemistry demonstrations such as chemical volcano, Ammonia fountain, Burning money, and Blue bottle experiment.

In the Microbiology department visitors learnt about the power of pathogens.

Different analytical equipments and working models of analytical instruments such as UV-Vis pectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Flame Photometer, etc., were exhibited in the Pharmaceutical Analysis department.